About Us / Our Vision

Advanced Buidling Certifiers provides private certifier services, is nationally accredited by the Australian Institute of Building Surveyors (Accreditation Number: 6255) and by the NSW Government Building Professionals Board (Accreditation number: BPB0164)

Advanced Buidling Certifiers was established in 2000 with a combined staff experience of 35 years on a diverse range of project types.


Advanced Buidling Certifiers provides private certifier services and is a professional Building Surveying and Certification practice. Our core values of excellence, innovation, business ethics and customer service enable the practice to evolve and become diverse.

Our goals are achieved by our commitment to the whole community, environmental sustainability, continuing professional development and customer focus.

We continually strive to develop our staff and work as a team to deliver the highest quality work for our clients.

Our Capability Statement